Become a Volunteer and join the ultimate social network of the year


Expo Milano 2015, has among other purposes, that of activating many different types of participation at the Event. For this, voluntary work, in its various forms, is perhaps the most suitable instrument, involving as many citizens as possible. Citizens and Voluntary Associations are the protagonists of the Volunteer Programme and Expo Milano 2015 wants get all organizations involved right away, giving them the opportunity to take part. The Volunteer Service Center network is at our side throughout this journey.

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The Volunteer Programme for Expo Milano 2015 aims primarily to enable all citizens, and not just Italians, who want to be part of this great event, in welcoming and supporting visitors and participants from all over Italy and around the world.
They offer a clear, unequivocal message and a united front of universality and solidarity, transferring the values ​​and content of the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, through an approach of information sharing and awareness building.
Every citizen becomes an active part of the Event.
Being part of one of the biggest events ever held in Italy in the last century is a unique and unrepeatable experience, and can be made ​​even more exceptional with the help of thousands of young - and not so young - people who decide to take part.
Being on the team of volunteers for Expo Milano 2015 means that not only will you contribute to the success of the event but you will acquire unique skills and knowledge, becoming the bearer of a message of acceptance and integration.

Being a Volunteer will allow you to:

1. Broaden your experiences, making you a participant in an international, multicultural and multilingual context that will be an experience of training and personal growth;


2. Build a network of relationships founded on real enthusiasm, energy, talent, resourcefulness, a can-do attitude and experience, which can be useful for your own future;


3. Develop new areas of interest, experiencing one that is a unique and very different from everyday life, discovering skills and talents that you have yet to discover.


​For all participants in the Expo 2015 Volunteer Programme, it has been spread a set of incentives to facilitate this experience. 
For each volunteer, there will be provided a refund of  expenses for urban and suburban transport, including routes to reach Milan, with variable bands and ceilings of reimbursement depending on the territory of origin and with specified procedures indicated in a special Regulation which will be published shortly. 
Once finished the period of service, the Volunteer will present travel documents and proof of purchase within the ranges provided for refund: Expo will provide reimbursement of amounts spent by bank transfer. 
For those who do not come from the metropolitan area of Milan or from neighboring provinces, Expo 2015 will also provide a set number of beds during the period of service assigned. The accommodation facilities, contacts and Regulation of access to the service will be announced soon. 
In addition to the beds available, in a perspective of sharing and acceptance, each volunteer will be able to accommodate at their friends and family home more volunteers who, like him, will participate in the international event. 
To this purpose, Expo will shortly launch a social platform to activate this network of original and unique hospitality.


At London 2012, there were 70,000 volunteers, 18,000 at Turin in 2006, and at the Exposition in Shanghai in 2010, 70,000. Volunteers are an incredible network, some of them giving rise to associations after the big events - from Spain to Japan - still participating, touring the world and making new friends.
Becoming a Volunteer means being part of something bigger.


In thinking about its Volunteer Program, Expo 2015 has been thinking through what it can offer citizens and what such a large number of people can achieve.
The answer came back almost immediately: one big social network. The only difference is in involving people directly, making it a true network, something real.
As a volunteer you will find real friendships, you will exchange real experiences, you will see smiles up close and talk with people from all over the world.
Friendship, experience and knowledge: these are the values ​​on which our real social networks thrive.
And when it will all end? As your new friends return home to other countries, you can continue to keep in touch with them via the Internet and even go find them or even volunteer in their country at the next big event!

Social Capital

The Volunteer Program, in all its forms of participation, determines the development of social capital locally and nationally. The number of volunteer hours, training and total number of people involved makes it possible to build awareness and increase the values ​​of aid, hospitality and solidarity, making all of us bearers of a universal message.
It is a unique opportunity to participate in an event of international scope to actively live as citizens of the world.
The program will leave much more in the way of tangible and intangible heritage:

1. The construction and maintenance of an active community of volunteers in the area that provide support for other initiatives post-Expo Milano 2015;

2. The creation of a virtual community that live on and make that community cohesive whilst providing a basis for interaction “in networks” for the next major events hosted in our country and in others;

3. The creation of the program within the national civil services and the Municipality’s "channels" of expertise spreading the experience of Expo Milano 2015 before and after the event.