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Frequently answer

What does it mean to apply for an announcement to become Volunteers for Expo 2015?

It means to be a volunteer within the exhibition site of Expo 2015. 
The entire first semester of the exhibition (from May 1st to October 31st 2015) has been divided into 13 service’s periods of 14 or 15 days. 
Choose here Your period of service, by the candidacy to the announcement which will allow you to participate to the great Event of 2015! 

Where can I find the total numbers of days in which I have to take service?

The name of the announcement includes the name of the related service period and the total number of days for each period. 

As a Volunteer, where will I take service?

Volunteers of Expo 2015 will take service at the site of Expo 2015 exhibition in Milano – Rho for the chosen period . 


How do I get to the Exhibition Site?

The exhibition site of Expo Milano 2015 is located a few kilometers from the city center of Milan, in an heavily infrastructure area, thanks to the direct connection with the three city airports and major public transport systems. The Site is so easily accessible at the local and international level thanks to a very rich and integrated structural system: 

1. Underground - Line 1, which connects the city’s area to urban public transportation with Molino Dorino’s parking system provided in the Fiera 

2. Three highway tracks: A4 Turin-Milan-Venice, A8/A9 Milan-Como-Chiasso and Milan-Varese and West Bypass, which continues to the south with the A1 Milan-Rome-Naples 

3. High-speed train link will have, at the West Bypass of the Expo site, dedicated a new station that will serve two regional lines, connected to the underground network in Milan 

For how many hours I will take service as a Expo Volunteer?

Volunteers of Expo 2015 will provide support for 5 hours and 30 minutes per day. There are 2 shifts: one shift in the morning and one in the afternoon. The volunteers selected will be contacted by the Organizing Secretariat before the beginning of the period of service and they will receive an indication of the assigned shift.

Who are the counselors?

Counselors are skilled specialist in volunteering interviews. 

The meeting with them, in fact, will be an opportunity not only to verify your suitability for the service you will perform for Expo, but, above all, it is a chance to have an orientation to volunteering that can be spent among your life of active citizen. 

How long does it take for a candidate to be summoned by counselors?

It is difficult to give a precise timing to be re-contact as a candidate because it will depend on the amount of applications received. 

The team in charge for the interviews aims to respond to all as soon as it is possible!
Candidates will be examined in order to consider the timing of the period of service. 

What characteristics are needed to be a volunteer?

We are looking for people with energy and enthusiasm who will be 18 years old before the date of the selected period of service. 

Orientation process and matching of Volunteers will be managed by Ciessevi (CSV Milan and province) and CSVnet, which are networks of Centri Servizi per il Volontariato, born to promote the voluntary sector. 

You can choose the period of service among those offered, you will leave your data through the application form to become a candidate for Volunteer Expo 2015! 

What is guaranteed to Volunteers?

To all volunteers who will take service for 14 or 15 days, we will ensure:

1. Uniform

2. Public transportations

3. Meal voucher

4. Insurance coverage

What are the initiatives to be a Volunteer during Expo 2015?

To give an answer to the different needs and to offer everyone the opportunity to participate, Expo 2015 has thought to a Volunteer Program as a set of different kind of participation. Each of those has some specific timing, activation mode and available position. 

1. Expo Volunteer - Short time formula: 14-15 days of presence on the exhibition site for 5:30 hours a day 

2. Volontariato del Servizio Nazionale for Expo: 6 months, 5 days a week 

3. DoteComune EXPO: 6 months, 5 days a week

4. Volunteer for a day: 1 day, 5:30 hours per day

5.  Volunteer of Progetto Scuola: 1 day

And if you complete your first period of service until the end, we will give you a Tablet! 

By being a candidate on this website, will I apply to the programs of Volontariato del Servizio Nazionale for Expo and DoteComune Expo?

No, you won’t! On this website, you can be a candidate to become an Expo Volunteer with short time formula. 
You can apply here: 
For one of the proposed announcement and to be part of our team. 
You will take part of this great event for 14 or 15 consecutive days for 5 hours and 30 minutes per day. To apply to the other programs, there will come out very soon further information in evidence on this website. 


In what consists Volunteers training course?

Expo Volunteers will be with us for 14 or 15 days and will access to an online training program divided into different modules for every area of ​​responsibility. It is designed to teach the knowledge required to manage the assigned activities of welcome and support, as well as to make unique and conscious the experience of volunteering .

To the Volunteers of the Servizio Civile and of DoteComune project are dedicated specific training programs that will be provided during the selection of participants. 

When you will start the training for volunteers?

The training begins just when you pass the selection process. Once the interview with one of our counselors will be done, you know if you passed the selection process with an e-mail containing instructions for access to the e-learning platform. 

How long does the training of volunteers last?

The training program dedicated to Expo Volunteer is divided into different modules and lasts 15 hours. You can choose when you access the modules and complete them. It is important that you finish the training within two months before the beginning period of service for which you have been selected! 

I am an association. May I propose initiatives?

Of course you can! Your contribution can help to make this a great project! If you want to submit your initiatives or give opportunities to their members or make available on the website of your association a training module for volunteers to Expo, you can write to to taking part and contribute to the make this a great Expo! 


I am a student, how can I join the program?

If you are a student of a school from Lombardy, you can participate as a guide to all national and international schools that will make a trip to Expo. You will show them the exhibition site and you will help to develop and disseminate knowledge and ideas for the theme of Expo 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life."

To participate you can ask your school to be in contact with the Regional School Office of Lombardy Region, or to propose their candidature on the site 

I'm a school, how can I make my students join the program?

Ask the Regional School Office of Lombardy how make your students join Expo Volunteer or submit your application on the site 

What are the tasks that I will perform during my service?

Our volunteers will be involved in providing support to visitors and participants, becoming point of reference for the various needs that may arise. In particular, they will be engaged in the following activities: 

1. Welcome and orientation of the Visitor and Participant 

2. Facilitate the visitor experience of the citizen in the exhibition site 

3. Facilitate the national and international participation

4. Connection with the organizer and dissemination of values and education and experience related to the theme of Volunteering 

Is it necessary to carry out the 14/15 days consecutively or can I break up the time?
If you begin your experience with us, we'd love you to be able to finish it so that ican be as much value as possible. 

If you will stay with us, you will hold friendship with hundreds of people, you will know more than 140 countries and you will meet participants from all over the world ... all for real!

Do you need information and you don’t know who to contact? 

Write to or you can join ExpoGate in Milan. You'll find lots of useful information and an indication of dedicated events to volunteers that will be held soon.