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Expo and Social Media , a big success (also thanks to the volunteers)

09 July 2015

It is only 2 months that Expo has started but its success on the social platform tell us a story of satisfaction, emotions and surprises: according to the data shared by the Observatory of Expo and edited by Blogmeter, in effect, turns out that the first month on the social network has been really successful especially if we consider the skepticism that we have perceived before the big inauguration.

But suddenly success runs fast on the net. In a few hours thanks to tweets, post and sharing, all the doubts have become positive feelings. Ruling the roost, as a good master of the house, the symbol of Expo Milan 2015: the Tree of Life, follows by Palazzo Italia. Even the charity match #matchforexpo organized by the Ambassador Javier Zanetti has captured the social audience’s attention (One of the most retweetted tweet is by Zanetti and he thanks all the supporters of his effort).

Flicking through the data of every single social platform, the winner’s spot goes to Facebook: in the first month the Expo official’s account has reached 250.00 new fans and around 1,36 million interactions, 75% more than in April thanks to  a redoubled rhythm of content’s publication from the official account.

Also the official Twitter account in May has hired 72.600 users allowing to reach 216 million of total impression.

Even Instagram has flied up and has no intention to stop: High increase around 1.3 million of interactions nearly three times the numbers of April. The tree of Life is the uncontested leader of sharing even if the pictures of food have reached the peak and above all thanks to the initiative #WeEatTogether proposed by WeWomenForExpo  that invites users to share on Instagram pictures about the everyday importance of food.

According to Blogmeter Expo has reached the peack, but how is it going among volunteers?

Ciessevi, Centre for Voluntary Service of the Metropolitan City of Milan, affirms, on the margin of that report, that after months of criticality, now slowly but inexorably, the “ felpe bianche” has an important role in the visitors’ social heart and it is an integral part for a successful visit and sometimes they leave one of the best memories in people who visit Expo for the first time and then they tell the experience on the most important social platform.

To keep in touch by “pictures” with our volunteers by following theirs days, theirs diligence and their smiles, in other words theirs Expo, remember the  Instagram’s official account  #volontariexpomilano2015, one of the most visited during this big event.